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High School Daily Schedule & Start Times

Our Community Concerns

Prefer Later than Current Start Time

"My concerns are why the late start time is still so early (745 am)? If studies show that teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep and that their biological clocks are shifted, why wouldn't high school start times be closer to 9 am?"

Support-Sleep and Student Health/Wellness

"Start times for high schoolers should be even later, given the underlying sleep research that shows older adolescents go to bed later and wake up later than younger children."

Extracurricular and Athletics

"Finding right balance. Later start time is better for their physiologic sleep cycle. But Later start time also means a later time to end the day, which would interfere with extracurricular activities."


"Early morning hours are perhaps not the safest time frame for student travel."

Support-Later Start Time

"Not many concerns. Later start times will be more in line with adolescents' natural body rhythm, growth, and needs. Maybe just a concern about sports buses returning in the dark in the early evening in winter."

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Additional Thoughts And Questions

Support-Later Start Time

"Pay attention to research. I think it's great that AAPS is paying attention to the latest research on teenager brain activity. I just want to say thank you and I really hope for a later start time. I believe all extra curricular activities will find a way to be scheduled and teens can only benefit from more sleep."

Support-Sleep and Student Health/Wellness

"Mental health and future health. Changing the status quo for later start times is inconvenient and might cost more, but ultimately for the sake of mental health and brain development these challenges are worth it. Living with constant sleep deprivation affects teen brain development and satisfaction with life."

Support-Sleep and Academic Performance

"Do what is right for the academic success of the students!! Make it work! Don't let athletics control school start time. Don't let busses control school schedule. All the research has shown that students will perform better with more sleep and later start times! 30 minutes later will not make a big difference in academics!"

Prefer Later than Current Start Time

"We need a start time of 8:30 or later, as has been recommended nationally. Moving times up by 5 minutes (as was done last year) is a nice gesture, but we need real change. Please move the start time to at least 8:30. We need to do this for our kids to help them succeed."

Leadership and Decision-Making

"The science seems pretty conclusive on this. So why not follow it? Are the challenges mainly financial, logistical, bureaucratic inertia?"

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“I want to take a moment to thank our community that they cared enough to... share thoughts. And, not only did they do that, but... they went back in to assign stars to other people’s thoughts. A star means I give a head nod... there is some resonance in that thought for me.”

Jeanice K. Swift

Superintendent of Schools

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Thank you for your interest in the high school daily schedule and start times conversation for the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Members of our community, including students, parents, staff and other community members shared their thoughts on this topic. Then, whether they added thoughts or not, they had the opportunity to reflect on the ideas of others by adding stars to those that most reflected their priorities.

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