Our Community Appreciates

Support-Sleep and Student Health/Wellness

"Better for students' overall health. Later start times would provide the opportunity for students to get more sleep, a basic biological need for their age group. More sleep = better attention and retention of information in class and better overall health."

Support-Sleep and Academic Performance

"Better match with teenagers' natural sleep cycles. Teenagers naturally go to bed later and wake up later. If school times matched their natural sleep patterns better, they might be less sleep deprived and might learn better."


"Starting at 8:30 am would ensure students do not travel in the dark. Greater visibility during day light would reduce accidents - especially pedestrians and bike safety would be greatly improved."

Attendance and Truancy

"Behavior and attitute and motivation are better with later start. Behavior, attitude and motivation all improve after a good rest and a calm beginning to the day which happens when they get up later."

Transportation and Pickup

"The benefit of starting school later. Students who rely on public transportation have to catch buses quite a bit earlier than school even starts just to make it on time. A later start time would prevent them from having to start their day at 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning because of bus schedules."

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